QR code validation now available on NYS Insurance Fund certificates

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The new quick response code feature has been added to provide quick and easy proof of coverage.

The New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) has announced that it is adding a new mobile friendly feature to its certificates in the form of QR code validation that can be scanned to prove that coverage exists.

NYSIF has stated that all certificates for workers compensation will now be outfitted with QR codes.

The reason these were chosen is that QR code validation is quick and simple and can be conducted with any smartphone that has a scanner app installed. It makes it possible for proof of active workers’ compensation coverage to be obtained in a matter of seconds from the certificates. This means that certificate holders out in the field or even who are located on a work site can use a mobile device to scan a the quick response code and can immediately have a NYSIF certificate verified.

QR code validation is as easy as opening the mobile device reader app and pointing the camera at the barcode.

qr code validation business workThe app automatically uses the mobile device camera to scan the QRcode and share the certificate status to the phone or tablet user. If the status of the certificate is valid, it reveals a green check mark to the device user. If the certificate has been voided or is invalid, a red “no symbol” is displayed.

According to the New York State Insurance Fund, this new feature is only the most recent among a line of ongoing efforts it is making in order to improve their customer service and to make it simpler for policyholders to be able to conduct their business with the New York State Insurance Fund.

The New York State Insurance Fund is a New York state not for profit agency. It was originally established in 1914 in order to offer a solid and guaranteed workers’ compensation insurance coverage source throughout the state. The QR code validation feature is one of many uses of technology that help to reveal just how far the agency has come over more than a century of existence.

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