QR code used in mhealth program can help save lives

QR Code Mhealth trends

QR Code Mhealth trends

The barcodes are bridging the gap between the real world and digital information for medical personnel.

Though there are some critics who still won’t accept that a QR code offer some value to the mobile world, the barcodes have been showing tremendous potential in the Stop Afib program, which is working to save lives.

Stop Afib is a program designed to help those with an irregular heartbeat condition.

Atrial fibrillation (afib) is the most common among the various forms of irregular heartbeat medical conditions. It places sufferers at a notably higher risk of stroke, which can be debilitating or even deadly. One of the primary issues with this health problem is that many of the people who have it aren’t aware that they do. The symptoms can be subtle or could be mistaken for something else.

There is now an information program online that can be easily accessed via QR code.

Though not everyone needs to be treated for it, some people do require surgery in order to correct the condition. The Stop Afib QR code program is from StopAfib.org is a nonprofit patient advocacy organization. It is designed to assist those who are living with afib by offering them a large number of different resources, including a wealth of information and video interviews with some of the top doctors in the world who specialize in its treatment.

At the center of this program is a non-promotional patient card, which features a QR code that is linked to a range of various resources about the topic of atrial fibrillation. When the barcode is scanned, it directs smartphone users to the StopAfib website, which is entirely educational. Though there is a standard version of the site, it also has a special mobile optimized version that features videos and other content that is easy to use with smartphones and tablets.

The outcome of this effort is that the Stop Afib website has become the top source of information regarding atrial fibrillation, both through the QR code and directly over mobile and the regular web. This is making it easy for patients to be able to learn more from information they trust and that doesn’t cost anything.

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