QR code use in Spain skyrockets by 218 percent

Spain - mobile marketing

Spain - QR Code usage statistics

The country saw the highest rate of growth out of the leading five European nations.

A comScore study has looked into the use of QR code technology throughout the EU5 countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom) and has found that smartphone users in Spain are increasing their scans at a rate that is much faster than any other nation included in the research.

The mobile barcodes have become rather commonplace in all of the countries, but Spain stood out.

In fact, when compared to the same time last year – the three months making up the second quarter – there was an increase of a tremendous 218 percent in QR code scans. The average for all of the five countries was a year over year growth of 96 percent, among over 17 million smartphone users who had scanned the barcodes.

At the same time, only 16 percent of the population of Spain actually scanned a QR code.

Though the growth in the use of QR code scans was very high, it was still far from the largest in terms of actual use. That, it seems, could change in the future if the growth continues at a similar rate among Spanish smartphone users.

When compared to other individual countries, the year over year growth for the second quarter this year was 128 percent in Germany and 75 percent in Italy. It was Germany that had the largest number of smartphone owners that actually scanned a QR code.

QR code scans remain popular and are increasing in use as the owners of smartphones begin to discover what they are, how to use them, and what they can obtain through the scans. It is also important that marketers and companies are discovering how to properly use the barcodes in order to generate a positive customer experience that is encouraging consumers to use them when they spot them.

The more that is known about what a QR code can effectively achieve, and how it can be used to enhance an experience for consumers, the more smartphone owners will actually use them on a regular basis.

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