QR code tattoos provide access for Russian food delivery service

QR code tattoos - Image of hand with a QR code on wrist

Delivery Club has started offering temporary wearable barcodes to Moscow residents.

A Russian food delivery service called Delivery Club has started providing temporary QR code tattoos to Moscow residents. The barcodes are required for patrons to be able to gain entry into the company’s bars and restaurants.

The goal of the strategy is to encourage more Moscow residents to get their COVID-19 vaccinations.

At the same time that the QR code tattoos encourage people to get vaccinated, they are also meant to help support the restaurant and bar sector, which was hit extremely hard during the pandemic lockdowns.

To obtain one of the temporary wearable barcodes, residents of the Russian capital city must provide proof of having been vaccinated, that they have had a negative test, or that they are otherwise immune to the disease. Once they have their barcode, they can use it to sit inside the restaurants, bars and cafes that are a part of Delivery Club. That said, those without it are still able to sit on outdoor patios until August 1.

The temporary QR code tattoos are partly a safety measure during a coronavirus surge in the country.

The highly infectious Delta variant has made its way into the country, and a combination of its presence and the slow vaccination rate has meant that there has been a surge in cases. The government’s COVID-19 task force has been reporting single day deaths in the high hundreds and that are breaking records in the country since the start of the pandemic.

That said, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has said that the situation in the city is beginning to stabilize. While the numbers remain very high, they are leveling off.

To create the new QR code tattoos campaign and safety measure, Delivery Club said that it was working with a temporary tattoo start-up called Everink Tattoo. They QR code tattoos - Image of hand with a QR code on wristare hoping that they will help to provide people who are at a very low risk of spreading the virus the opportunity to support local restaurants and bars. At the same time, this may remind people of the importance of – and benefits to – getting vaccinated.

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