QR code subway barriers help keep Japanese platforms safe

Tokyo qr code subway

The quick response codes were added to improve the operation of the barriers at train stations.

New QR code subway features are being installed as a part of subway platform safety barriers in a number of Japanese train stations. This addition of quick response barcodes is meant to help to improve the function of the barriers.

By adding the QR codes, the hope is to speed up the barrier installation and reduce the cost associated with them.

There are a range of different advantages to this new QR code subway system. Among them is the fact that they can be used regardless of the door placements on the trains. The safety barriers were designed to help protect people from the risk of falling onto the train tracks. They are being installed onto all station platforms in order to be in place in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The metropolitan government in the Japanese capital recently held a practical demonstration of the new subway platform barriers and QR codes in action. Thie demo occurred along the municipal Toei Subway lines.

The QR code subway platform barcodes are very fast and efficient to use and are cost effective as well.

Tokyo qr code subwayThe idea is that the QR codes are posted along the train door windows. Each of the barcodes is 15 cm by 15 cm (about 6 inches by 6 inches). They allow barriers to remain in place to keep people from falling off the edge of the platform onto the train tracks until the train has arrived. Cameras installed within the stations along the platforms recognize with the train has arrived and has come to a stop, allowing all the barriers and doors to open at the same time, keeping people safe without blocking their access to the train cars while also letting people off the trains.

“Cameras installed on the platform read the codes, and the barrier doors located in front of the train doors open and close in unison,” said a Tokyo metropolitan government Bureau of Transportation official.

The QR code subway safety feature was created in a partnership between the metropolitan government and Denso Wave Inc.

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