QR code social media partnership between Justin Wilson and Meet-Meme.com

Justin Wilson, the IZOD IndyCar Series driver

Justin Wilson, the IZOD IndyCar Series driver

New branding initiative has been established with the IZOD IndyCar Series driver.

Justin Wilson, the IZOD IndyCar Series driver, now has his own customized QR code, which gives fans the opportunity to follow him across each of the social media platforms that he uses.

This effort is in partnership with Milwaukee based Meet-Meme.com.

Meet-Meme.com is a social media trading card company, and is now teamed up with the driver behind the wheel of the number 18 Sonny’s Bar-B-Q Honda for Dale Coyne Racing. The QR code has been designed to give fans access to all of the social media platforms at once, to be able to follow Wilson quickly and easily on their mobile devices such as their smartphones.

The QR code partnership was originally inspired by another social media campaign.

That one ran at the Milwaukee IndyFest. At that Milwaukee Mile event, the promoter, Andretti Sports Marketing, sent out invitations to twenty six different Milwaukee area social media influencers. Each of them was paired off with a driver of an IZOD IndyCar Series driver. Among those drivers was Justin Wilson. There, he met the Meet-Meme.com Director of Awesome, Jonathan “Brew” Brewer.

Brewer was Wilson’s guest, and became a kind of shadow for social media posts throughout the weekend. This opportunity brought about talks between the men that considered opportunities together that would follow the race.

When Wilson – the winner of the Daytona Rolex 24 in January 2012, as well as the Texas Motor Speedway Firestone 550 IndyCar Series event in June 2012 – said that “The #indyfest 26 was a great idea and showed how creative use of social media can bring new fans to the IZOD IndyCar Series.”

He added that when he met Brew, he instantly recognized that he and his company, Meet-Meme.com would be able to offer a unique opportunity. He went on to say “So it’s exciting to be partnering with them and to offer fans a quick and easy way to engage on twitter, facebook and youtube as well as my website..” Wilson is finding the experience and the advice from Brewer to be useful and interesting, for driving the largest possible social media activity.

The QR code is only the latest in the Meet-Meme.com efforts to boost that activity through multiple channels.

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