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QR code scanning comes with Now on Tap

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The feature now offers a range of additional and fascinating improvements from Google.

Google has added QR code scanning and a batch of new options to its Now on Tap feature. Users can translate text on any screen simply by tapping a button. This includes translating apps on a screen.

The feature also provides additional facts about interests and includes an enhanced search-by-image.

According to Google, the updates to Now on Tap “surface useful content and create a more engaging experience.” The Google announcement said users can find more about the subjects that are most interesting to them. The QR code scanning was added for precisely that purpose. Mobile device users scan barcodes to discover more about what interests them. Furthermore, barcodes are included in Search by Image to enhance that experience.

Now on Tap QR code scanning makes it easier for mobile device users to discover what interests them.

qr code scanningIndeed, Chrome provides instant translation of any webpage. However, Now on Tap will translate virtually any screen. The translation feature will even translate apps. To use the translation, users must simply activate Now on Tap on the page. Then, simply hit the button called “translate this screen.”

The new “Discover” button provides mobile device users with a new way to learn more about what they love. For instance, when the button is tapped while reading an article on natural skin care, it provides a stream of new articles, images and videos on that topic. The Discover button makes it easier to find that information very quickly.

The barcode and QR code scanning is a long anticipated feature. The feature provides the opportunity to quickly and easily learn more about a product being considered for purchase. This feature automatically uses the device camera feature. Now on Tap scans barcodes located within the viewfinder. From there, the feature generates several helpful cards.

The new upgrades to Now on Tap are already rolling out. That said, it may take some time for all devices to receive this update. The updates are sent gradually and will reach everyone with Now on Tap over the next short while.

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