QR code plaques let footpath users report damage

nature trail tree qr code plaques

The barcodes have been posted in Wales so smartphone users can report damaged structures.

Footpaths near Llanidloes and Machynlleth in Wales can now scan QR code plaques to help keep their area well maintained. The quick response codes let the footpath users report damage to various structures. This can include things such as footbridges and other structures that can experience wear over time.

This new initiative has brought a tremendous 1,267 different plaques fitted with QR codes to the area.

Each of the QR code plaques has been installed on various types of right of way structures that are located across Powys. They are a part of an initiative launched by the Powys County Council’s Countryside Services Team. The plaques are now found on structures such as boardwalks, footbridges and a number of other structures throughout the area that are enjoyed by walkers there.

The QR code plaques can be scanned with a smartphone or a tablet using any barcode scanner app.

nature trail tree qr code plaquesAs soon as the user has internet access – whether that is through a data plan or when they return to a place within WiFi range – he or she is automatically directed to an online form. There, the damage to the structure can be reported. This gives the council the information they need to have the damage investigated and to send maintenance staff out to repair it.

Among the many plaques, 496 of the QR codes were installed onto north Powys structures. This includes those along various routes such as the popular Glyndwr’s Way, which spans 135 miles starting six miles west of Llanidloes at Severn Way over to Machynlleth. It then travels another 210 miles from Llanidloes to Bristol.

Countryside services cabinet member, Counselor John Powel, explained that “With over 2,300 structures on our rights of way network that stretches over 9,000km in length, carrying out regular inspections has its unique challenges.”

The hope is that the community will take part and help to keep an eye out for possible damage and related problems to structures. This way, the region can stay ahead of problems and maintain the structures properly.

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