QR code pet tags help dogs and cats get home

qr code pet tags

Pawcode has announced its new quick response code products to give peace of mind to animal owners.

A website in Australia has just announced its Pawcode Australia service that uses QR code pet tags in order to be able to make it easier for people who find a lost animal to be able to communicate with its owner so that it can be returned home once again.

One of the largest fears of animal owners is to have their furry family members go missing.

With these innovative QR code pet tags, it becomes possible for a larger amount of identifying information to be worn by the animal so that a good Samaritan will be able to scan the barcode with his or her smartphone and obtain the contact information of the owner. This will make it far easier for someone who has found an animal to be able to find out exactly how to bring the dog or cat home again.

These QR code pet tags also make it easier for owners to ensure that their animal’s records are up to date.

qr code pet tagsThe product includes a metal or silicone identification tag that is attached to the collar of the animal. The quick response code is engraved onto the tag. This way, the information can be kept up to date by the owner without having to replace the entire piece of metal. Any time new contact information needs to be added, the owner simply needs to log into the website.

The page for the pet, which is accessible with a scan or by typing in the URL which is also engraved onto the tag, includes everything from the animal’s name, to its medical problems, some photos, vet details and contact information for reaching the owners. That said, it is up to the owner to make sure that the records are, indeed, updated every time there is a change in these details.

The barcodes are easy to scan and are used in the same way as others that are commonly found in advertising and on product packaging. These QR code pet tags can be scanned using any free reader available at the Apple App Store or at Google Play.

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