QR code pet license helps to reunite lost pets with owners in Alaska

QR code pet license - Dalmatian dog

Anchorage pet licenses now come with digital quick response codes.

The Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center in Alaska now offers pet owners a QR code pet license. Essentially, Anchorage pet licenses are now available with a unique quick response code, which helps pet owners to reunite with their lost pets at a faster rate. This is not only good for the owners and pets, but also helps to free up shelter space.

The codes are linked to a webpage with a pet profile.

The QR code pet license tags are produced by Pethub, a Washington state-based company. When a pet tag is scanned with a smartphone, it calls up a webpage with the pet’s profile. This profile can include various data, such as multiple contact numbers, a pet’s health information, eating preferences, microchip ID and a physical description.

The tag comes with a red sticker that provides activation instructions. It is up to the owner to activate the tag and decide what information will be provided about the pet. Owners can also send a GPS location through their pet’s webpage and they will also get a text to inform them when the QR code has been scanned.

The QR code pet license tag is just one of the ways in which the city is utilizing QR code technology.

Anchorage city has also used QR code for other purposes, including at the Anchorage cemetery. Families have the option of paying $150 for a QR code to accompany a gravesite of a loved one, according to Anchorage Daily News.

The codes are mounted on the columbarium wall and scanning the code launches a memorial website. This QR code program rolled out a few years ago, and since then, cemetery director Rob Jones has said that a dozen families have opted to purchase the codes.

Jones also said that the Anchorage cemetery has purchased a code that it placed near the whale bones that mark the graves of a whaling captain and his wife as a way to tell the story of the bones that mark the center of the city’s cemetery.

QR code pet license - Dalmatian dogPet owners who wish to purchase the QR code pet license can do so at the Anchorage animal shelter, at most of the city’s veterinary offices or online.

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