QR code parking solution helps to secure vehicles within the city

qr code parking

Police in Islamabad recently implemented a new solution designed for smartphone using drivers.

A new QR code parking technology has been installed by police in Islamabad, for the purpose of making it safer and more secure for drivers to park their vehicles.

The new tech is called Park Secure and is meant to provide easy to scan parking codes.

The police announced the use of the Park Secure QR code parking technology which now secures all public parking areas in the city. The Park Secure system is designed to digitally create quick response codes through the use of a smartphone. This system tags the vehicle with the associated barcode whenever it enters a public parking lot or area.

Later, when the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the driver is required to present the same QR code that was presented upon entry. A police officer stationed at the lot scans the barcode using his or her own smartphone and, provided the barcode matches the credentials associated with that vehicle, the driver will be permitted to exit.

The goal of the QR code parking system is to help to prevent vehicle theft from Public Parking lots.

The new system will provide parking officials with live statistics regarding the vehicles that enter and that are assigned QR codes. They will also be able to see when cars exit and which vehicles are still parked within any of the parking areas in the city. In this way, they will be able to share the statistics they accumulate with the right authorities for improving city planning and parking management.

The QR code system is quick, efficient and affordable for providing security and convenience for both the public and the police alike.

The system was developed through the assistance of JS Bank. It launched this month at the Islamabad Sunday Bazaar. From there, the program is rolling out to other areas of the city until all the Public Parking areas are covered by the QR code parking system.

IG Islamabad Sultan Azam Temuri spoke regarding the importance of this parking security initiative, saying that the “safety of public and their property is of utmost importance for us and we are trying day and night to ensure the same. We are sure it will benefit the public at large. We are committed to introduce digital policing in Islamabad and like many others there are still many of these technology based initiatives are yet to be launched.”

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