CAYIN adds QR code generator feature for easier contactless interaction

QR code generator - person scanning barcode

The company has embedded the option into its latest digital signage player software version.

Digital signage solution provider CAYIN Technology has added a new QR code generator feature to its latest software version. All SMP-NEO2 series digital signage players now have the new feature.

This includes software for the signs such as the SMP-2300, SMP-2310, and the SMP-8000.

The new QR code generator feature was added to provide corporates, retailers and a spectrum of other businesses with new contactless interaction solutions. The goal is to take advantage of the large amount of information that can be stored in a quick response code, such as business contact information, a URL, email content, text messages, or even WiFi network details. In this way, far more information becomes available in an entirely contactless way.

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has placed the spotlight on the need for contactless interactions and has become an entirely new opportunity for the humble QR code. These square black and white barcodes can be found on everything from official government check-in apps for businesses to restaurant menus. As such, being able to generate and display these barcodes on signage has suddenly become an essential feature to many companies.

The QR code generator feature is meant to cater to this need in digital signage players.

The new CAYIN software makes it possible for retailers to generate quick response barcodes by entering website or landing page URLs and displaying the barcodes on the screen. When customers use their smartphones to scan the displayed barcode, they are automatically directed to the linked website, wayfinding map or other linked information about products services or useful information.

In this way, customers are better equipped to answer their own questions so that they can keep their distance from employees as much as possible.

Furthermore, the barcodes also have the capacity to contain text messages. This makes it possible to provide handy information about current or upcoming promotions QR code generator - person scanning barcodeas well as discount codes customers can use to save money with a purchase. The QR code generator feature allows the sign to provide whatever information or tool the company deems useful to the customer at that specific location.

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