QR code enrollment program launched in Indian schoolchildren

qr code enrollment at school and library

Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam first proposed this new method of student I.D.

India’s Education Minister has announced the launch of a new QR code enrollment program designed to simplify student identification in government schools. The quick response code is further verified with the student’s fingerprint.

The QR code, fingerprint and unique number are assigned to each new student entering government schools.

“The introduction of the Unique Student Code for students who enter the school, along with a Fingerprint Identification and a Quick Response Code. It was also proposed to use this number at school level examinations,” said the education minister about the QR code enrollment strategy.

This new system of identification will also make it easier for the achievement of certain students to be monitored, he said. More specifically, he pointed to the performance of fifth graders at the Grade Five Scholarship Examinations, the GCE O/L exams, and the A/L examinations.

The QR code enrollment system can also be used as a part of the exam fraud prevention process.

qr code enrollment at school and libraryThe use of QR codes is becoming increasingly commonplace in India. This includes many different areas, from mobile payments to public transit ticketing. That said, schools are also using these barcodes more frequently, particularly in the area of identification and verifying the legitimacy of certain types of documents.

A number of school systems and universities have been rolling out their own programs to print unique QR codes onto their diplomas in order to make it possible to check to make sure they are legitimate documents and not a fake.

The Education Department has been looking for additional ways to simplify programs while boosting efficiency and minimizing costs. At the same time that the quick response code program was rolled out, it also announced its intention to publish digital textbook versions. These will be made available for students in the sixth to tenth standards. The textbooks will be accessible on the official website as of the next academic year.

This means that at the same time that the students will be using the QR code enrollment for the first time, they will also be able to use their quick response codes to access published digital texts.

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