QR code Easter egg hunt lets American city kids enjoy contactless celebration

QR code Easter egg hunt - child collecting Easter eggs

Kids simply need to scan all the barcodes they find so that they can gain a chance to win a grand prize.

Children living Texarcana – located on the boarder between the states of Texas and Arkansas – have the chance to enjoy a unique QR code Easter egg hunt this year.

The kids will be able to enjoy hunting for the eggs but in a safe and contactless way this year.

Kids who wish to participate in the QR code Easter egg hunt will need their parents’ phones to help them out. All the children need to do is find the special eggs that feature the barcodes. These are hidden throughout the city in areas such as the parks, other public locations throughout Texarcana, and even in certain family-friendly businesses that are participating in the event.

When the participants scan a barcode on an egg that they’ve found, they are given a secret password. This displays automatically on the smartphone used for scanning the barcode. From there, they can enter the secret password into an online form to give themselves another chance to win a grand price draw of an Easter basket.

The QR code Easter egg hunt is meant to provide the same fun but in a safe, distanced experience.

To get into the spirit of things, the event isn’t just located in-person in the various places throughout Texarcana. The event’s official Facebook page are using the social media platform as a hub for all the added ways to play and to win.

For example, that Facebook page offers “eggcellent daily clues to help you find more eggs.” This will help kids to know just where to look for the carefully hidden eggs when the big day comes.

The QR code Easter egg hunt event was organized by Healthcare Express. They are operating the official Facebook page and took the initiative to try to make a fun QR code Easter egg hunt - child collecting Easter eggsevent for kids to enjoy without risking contact at a time when the pandemic is still very much an issue, particularly as concerns continue over a third wave that could be worse than the previous two. The winner of the basket will be announced on the Facebook page on Monday, April 5.

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