QR Code Detective: Realtors are in the perfect position to use barcodes

QR code real estate sale

Real estate marketing is an ideal opportunity to use quick response codes to their fullest potential.

Among the many industries that have been achieving the greatest benefit from the use of the QR code is real estate, simply because of the nature of what is being sold and how the word is spread to potential buyers.

Mobile marketing has become a critical component of a realtor’s ability to reach prospective buyers.

As is the case in retail and in any other area that uses QR code marketing, there are ways to use this technology that will help to encourage interaction with buyers, and there are ways to add barcodes that will ensure that they will be very unlikely to be scanned and used. Our investigators have come across a number of techniques that have been successfully used by realtors when it comes to the use of quick response codes within this sector.

A QR code can be used in several ways to inform potential buyers and encourage interaction.

QR code real estate saleAmong the most successful uses for QR codes in real estate marketing include the following:

• Placement on the “for sale” sign – Adding quick response codes to a lawn sign provides people who are passing the actual property with the opportunity to learn more at the very moment when they are most interested in discovering added details about it. The lawn sign doesn’t have a lot of real estate, so to speak, to include details about the property that is for sale. By adding a QRcode to the sign, the amount of information that can be provided to a potential buyer, right away, is as great as the realtor wants. It turns that sign into a chance to offer the overall details of the building, the size of the property, images of the interior, and even a video virtual tour.
• Placement on flyers and classified ads – For the same reason that for sale signs benefit from quick response codes, so do printed ads. It gives the ad the ability to embed property details and YouTube Videos of the building and the land that is for sale.
• Placement on business cards – This not only gives potential buyers the ability to keep a realtor’s contact information on hand, but it also allows him or her to scan the QR code with their smartphones whenever they want to see an update of the properties that are currently for sale. This way, if something sparks the buyer’s interest, he or she can quickly and easily contact the realtor to schedule a viewing of that property.

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