Nestlé rolls out QR code caps in Vietnamese mobile marketing campaign

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The company is using the “One Cap, One Code” solution in an attempt to better reach Gen Z consumers.

Nestlé has launched a new mobile marketing campaign in Vietnam, using QR code caps to help them reach Gen Z shoppers and strengthen their brand loyalty.

The campaign uses quick response codes printed inside beverage bottle caps or a reward program.

The QR code caps campaign will continue until September. Each of the bottles in the SIG’s combismile carton packs of the Nestlé Milo Teen Protein drinks have their own unique barcodes under the lids. These can be scanned by virtually any smartphone and provide the scanner with reward points. The reward point can be redeemed online using the Zalo messaging app popular in Vietnam. In fact, it is one of the top three mobile apps used by the target demographic in the country.

The One Cap, One Code mobile marketing solution also lets consumers scan a barcode on the visible package, without having to open it. In this way, one of the codes can be scanned on the store shelf and the other can be scanned only after the product has been purchased and opened.

QR code caps have the potential for high appeal among Gen Z consumers in Vietnam.

The country’s population has the world’s largest percentage of internet users. January 2021 statistics show that about 73.7 percent of the Vietnamese population is active on social media. A mobile marketing strategy allowing reward points to be collected through barcode scans using a smartphone could be a natural fit for many consumers in the country. This SIG mobile marketing solution was initially launched last year in China.

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“This new and dynamic digital solution from SIG creates unique, exciting experiences that appeal especially to teenagers. We can already see that this target group is buying more to collect points and get rewards,” said Milo & Milk brand manager at Nestlé Vietnam, Tuan Pham.

“We work closely with our customers and tech partners to ensure that our innovations can be used at the right time and are the best solutions on the market,” added SIG Vietnam country manager Binh Hoang while discussing the QR code caps marketing campaign. “Our team in Vietnam is a key strategic partner for our customers to help them develop and implement digital marketing strategies. We leverage our innovative packaging solutions and the experience of our digital technology partners to create perfect solutions.”

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