QR Code burger in London lets you pay by scanning its bun

QR Code burger - Image of hamburger

Each wagyu beef burger has a QR code printed on its bun.

Head to ICHIBUNS restaurant in Soho’s Chinatown, and you can order a QR Code burger. Each wagyu beef burger served at the Japanese burgers udon restaurant in London, is served to customers with a quick response bar code toasted into the top of the bun.

Scan the burger bun to pay for your order.

The QR code burger has been designed for mobile payment convenience and is the result of a partnership between ICHIBUNS and Zapper, a mobile payment service.

Customers can pay for the burger by scanning the code. To be able to do this, a mobile user will need to have downloaded either the Zapper app or the in-house IchiPachinko app. In addition to scanning the bill into their phone, customers can also view the information about the product, which has been embedded into the quick response code.

In addition to the wagyu burgers, consumers can also order other products with these unique codes, including the spicy chicken karaage, and tempura veggie burger buns.

ICHIBUNS is the first in the city to launch a QR code burger.

Benjamin Goldkorn, ICHIBUNS CEO, thought up the idea while he was talking to friends who work in fintech, reported Evening Standard.

“We were looking for a way to make the mobile wallet industry more exciting and dynamic. It’s a world that’s become a bit sterile, and this injects a little life,” Goldkorn said.

Goldkron wants to make phones a “valuable utensil” so that while customers are on their phone they can also be connected to their meal.

“It offers customers an easy way to make fast, safe payments with a quick scan from a smartphone,” Goldkron added. “We’re closing the loop on waste from bill receipts, and it allows customers to keep on top of their spending.”

The restaurant CEO notes that where the world is now compared to where it was five years ago is very different. Just about everyone has their phone in their hand at dinner. This is something that QR Code burger - Image of hamburgercan’t be ignore. ICHIBUNS has decided to move forward and use this to their advantage.

For those wondering, the QR code burger bun is entirely edible, as the code is only toasted into the top of the bun. Furthermore, it does not affect the taste.

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