QR code app helps lottery ticket sellers spot fakes

lottery ticket qr code app

A lotto retailer in Bangkok has started using quick response codes to make it easier to verify tickets.

A lottery retailer in Bangkok is using a QR code app strategy to overcome a growing struggle with fake lotto tickets. Sellers are being presented with falsified tickets without any way of knowing whether or not they are real.

Retailers have been trying to register complaints with local police but can’t prove the fake tickets are forged.

As a result of the forgeries, retailers have been paying out for false prize claims. Sellers start to see the same customers continually returning to collect on winning tickets, but despite making reports to the police, there wasn’t any way to prove the tickets were fake or, alternately, it was very difficult. Therefore, a new QR code app was implemented to make it much faster and easier to identify the real tickets from the falsified ones.

The QR code app makes it possible to scan a quick response barcode and know whether or not it is real.

lottery ticket qr code appThe lottery tickets are already made from specially coated paper. Retailers can use a drop of paint thinner to test whether or not the lotto ticket paper is genuine. That said, fraudsters have found a way around that technique. Some retailers have tried the bleach test with the paint thinner and the fraudulent tickets still appear to be real.

The new method involves printing a unique QR code onto every ticket. In this way, retailers can scan them using a smartphone with the mobile app installed. The scan takes only a quick moment and lets the retailer see whether or not the lottery ticket is a legitimate, registered one. The barcodes are not activated until they are paid for and scanned by the retailer. Therefore, regardless of whether the tickets are falsified or stolen, the retailer will be able to check before paying out on a win.

If the strategy proves to work smoothly now that it has been implemented, this type of verification QR code app may start being used for a growing number of retailers and purposes.

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