Pyrim launches new Mobile Commerce Matrixes tool

tablet mobile commerce survey

New tool aims to provide some insight into the mobile commerce space

Pyrim Technologies, a mobile commerce consultancy firm, has announced the release of its new tool, called Mobile Commerce Matrixes. The tool is meant to help businesses develop better products that highlight mobile payments. Many businesses are beginning to show interest in mobile commerce, but do not have products and services that are able to effectively engage consumers on their smartphones and tablets.

Tool will help companies understand the solutions that they have available to them

The Mobile Commerce Matrixes is meant to help companies develop consumer-facing solutions. The tool lists more than 100 examples of such mobile commerce solutions, which it fully describes and details how they can be used in a mobile ecosystem. The information provided through the tool is designed in such a way to make it easy for users to understand what they are reading. This could provide some clarity into the mobile payments space, which is often considered to be relatively complicated.

Understanding how mobile commerce works can help businesses find success

tablet mobile commerce surveyIn order for businesses to find success in the mobile commerce field, businesses must understand how the mobile space works. The Mobile Commerce Matrixes aims to provide insight into the field and help businesses understand how they can use mobile commerce to provide valuable services to consumers. Many people are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop online and at physical stores. Businesses that do not take this into consideration could lose out on a major opportunity to connect with a new generation of consumers.

Tools provide aid for businesses interested in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce can be a complicated subject, but there are new tools that are helping reduce this complexity, to some degree. While businesses can use these tools to gain insight into the mobile commerce ecosystem, they still have to consider how to best implement the solutions that they want to use. They must also consider the risks associated with becoming involved in the mobile commerce space, such as the security threats that exist therein.

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