Pulse launches new NFC antenna made from ferrite

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NFC antennaNew NFC antenna capable of transmitting data up to 40mm away

Pulse Electronics, a developer of electronic components for a variety of platforms, has announced the launch of a new NFC antenna that facilitates data transfers from a distance of up to 40 millimeters. The NFC antenna is comprised of a ferrite sheet, which can be customized to suit a variety of mobile devices. Pulse Electronics suggests that its NFC antenna is easier to install and provides more security than traditional NFC technology.

NFC antenna may be more viable than NFC chips

Using the NFC antenna, mobile devices can communicate with others that make use of NFC technology. NFC technology is most often used in the field of mobile commerce, where it facilitates payments made through a mobile device. Though NFC has managed to propel m-commerce into stardom, traditional NFC chips have been the subject of controversy in recent months. These chips are often accused of being insecure and prone to attacks that could make financial information vulnerable.

Antenna could make m-commerce more streamlined

Pulse expects that its new NFC antenna will be able to make m-commerce more streamlined. Because the NFC antenna is made of a ferrite sheet, it can be manipulated to better suit a wide variety of mobile devices that are designed to make use of NFC technology. This immediately makes the NFC antenna attractive to telecommunications and technology companies that are interested in adopting NFC technology without making drastic changes to their handsets in order to accommodate NFC chips. In-house tests conducted by Pulse have shown that the NFC antenna is capable of facilitating more than just mobile payments; it can conduct a variety of wireless services as well.

NFC technology continues to gain ground in various industries

NFC technology as become a staple of m-commerce, but this is not the only use of the technology. NFC can be used as a form of wireless data transfer, enabling mobile devices to connect to one another without the need for contact. The technology has also played a part in making advertisements more engaging. Pulse’s new NFC antenna may be capable of boosting the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices due to its efficient manufacture and accommodating nature.

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