Property Cloud Inc. launches virtual listings to cater to mobile homebuyers

Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Real Estate Mobile Marketing
Property Cloud Inc. has announced that it has now gone mobile, providing professionals in the Canadian real estate marketplace with a new solution that is streamlined to help them with property listing marketing that will appeal to the rapidly increasing number of people who are using mobile devices to shop for homes.

Homebuyers can use Property Cloud to obtain the information from MLS directly, complemented by video clips, images in high resolution, and with contact and sharing data about the properties for sale no matter what time it is or where they are. This information is all carefully formatted to fit a smartphone’s smaller screen.

The proprietary software used by Property Cloud also gives real estate agents the ability to use QR codes so that they can send a specific information package to a unique buyer so that they will be able to access that information in a hassle-free enjoyable way.

Co-founding partner of the company, Ross Chandler, explained that they discovered an opportunity with enormous potential within the real estate marketplace in Canada. Consumers within that country are using their mobile devices to complete their daily tasks. “Social networking has changed the way we use our phones; it’s clear that people are relying on their phones for information more than ever.”

This service provides an opportunity for intuitive, inexpensive marketing, where real estate agents can access the ad information for any property listing and convert it into an individual mobile website specifically for that property. It is a fast and simple process to complete and does not require the assistance of a designer, program, or other web or mobile expert.

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