Project Glass gets a prescription

Augmented Reality Glasses Project Glass

Project Glass spotted with prescription lenses

There may be some unexpected breakthroughs coming to Google’s Project Glass that are not coming from the technology company itself. Last year, Google made its augmented reality glasses available for a limited number of developers in the U.S. Developers that were approved to purchase the glasses were given hands-on experience with the technology that makes Project Glass so attractive, while also having the ability to developer their own improvements to the high-tech eyewear.

Customized prototype supports other eyewear

Google’s augmented reality glasses have been spotted around New York recently, but last week a picture was taken showing Project Glass in a new form. The picture was posted on the Road to Virtual Reality blog, having been sent by an anonymous tipster. The picture shows a Project Glass prototype, which had been customized to accommodate a pair of prescription glasses.

Prescription lenses may be coming to Project Glass

Though Project Glass is designed to be high-tech eyewear, Google‘s original design does not take into account the fact that many of the people that are likely to use the product already wear glasses. Because the original design of Project Glass was not meant to accommodate those with prescription glasses, the augmented reality glasses may be targeted by critics for simple design flaws. The glasses themselves do not improve a wearer’s eyesight, but introducing prescription lenses could make a user’s experience much more enjoyable.

Augmented reality capabilities still up for debateAugmented Reality Glasses Project Glass

The attention surrounding Project Glass has somewhat diminished in the latter months of 2012. Google has been keen to keep any further details of the project secret. There are rumors, some of which are coming from Google itself, that suggest Project Glass will not actually be equipped with augmented reality capabilities when it is launched into the commercial market. If true, the lack of augmented reality may be a major misstep from Google, as this has been billed as one of the primary features of Project Glass for some time.

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