Project Glass at New York Fashion Week

Project Glass on the runway

Project Glass on the runway

Google teams with acclaimed designer to show off Project Glass

Google has made its presence felt at New York Fashion Week through the use of Project Glass. The technology company teamed with designer Diane von Furstenberg to show off Project Glass on the runway. The augmented reality glasses adorned models as they strode down the Lincoln Center catwalk this past Sunday, showing off Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Furstenberg herself sported a pair of the augmented reality glasses as she took to the runway after her presentation, with Google founder Sergey Brin in tow.

Augmented reality potential still questioned

Google’s Project Glass has managed to capture the interest of tech-savvy consumers all over the world. Much of the interest surrounding the glasses comes from their supposed augmented reality capabilities. When Google unveiled Project Glass, the company released a video touting these capabilities, but has since revised its intentions to bring augmented reality to the platform. Last month, Google Australia revealed that Project Glass may not include augmented reality at all, or if it did, it would be in a limited capacity.

Fashion and technology continue to come together

The fashion industry has been showing more interest in augmented reality technology over the past two years. The technology is favored as a way to engage consumers on a more dynamic level. The industry prides itself on being on the cutting edge and often looks for ways to incorporate emerging technologies. Some designers have used augmented reality to show off their clothing, while others have relied on the technology simply to take advantage of the growing number of consumers with mobile devices.

Project Glass short film scheduled for release

Google plans to turn the footage that was recorded by the models wearing Project Glass into a short film. This film is expected to be released later this week and will depict the capabilities of Project Glass and the imagery that models saw when wearing them. It is uncertain whether this short film will show off the augmented reality capabilities of Project Glass in exuberant fashion.

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