Position Marketing Group adds QR codes to its Interactive Secured Advertising Technology banners

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The Position Marketing Group (PMG), an interactive and online advertising firm, has announced a new feature for its Interactive Secured Advertising Technology. The company often uses this technology for banners, which are in turn used by businesses for various marketing campaigns. The latest update to the company’s technology will enable businesses to use these banners to promote social media connections. This is accomplished through the use of QR codes. PMG has created its own QR code generator specifically for this new initiative.

Social media has become a very popular medium for businesses. Social networks allow companies to reach out to a wide audience and engage them on a platform they are familiar with. PMG believes that by making its banners and technology friendlier for social media integration companies using the technology will see great results. Companies will be able to generate their own QR codes through PMG’s services as well. These codes are entirely customizable, allowing companies to use the codes as they see fit.

According to PMG, this banner technology is able to outperform conventional marketing initiatives. The company notes that QR codes are also an inexpensive marketing tool, which could appeal to both small and large businesses. QR codes are certainly making a major impact on the world of marketing. More companies are adopting the codes in an effort to reach out to consumers that are growing increasingly attached to mobile technologies and devices.

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