Portable health gadgets find their way into the spotlight due to COVID-19

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Devices to monitor health and clean our electronics have been flying off the shelves due to coronavirus.

Portable health gadgets that can help us to understand how well we are and that help to disinfect our favorite electronics have become quite the hot commodity due to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.

Medical experts are recommending that we take care to clean and disinfect our electronics.

Regularly washing our hands throughout the day – and particularly before touching our eyes, nose or mouth, before and after eating, and after using the bathroom – is the top recommendation for avoiding infection. That said, we’re also being advised to regularly clean and disinfect the surfaces we use the most. This includes doorknobs, railings and faucets, of course, but also phones, keyboards, computer mice and remote controls, among other electronics.

The CDC has released a recommendation to carefully disinfect those and other “frequently touched surfaces”.

For a phone or tablet, you can disinfect using a manual method or by using portable health gadgets. Manually means to use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off debris and fingerprints. Avoid using a paper towel or tissue which may seem soft but is abrasive enough to scratch a touchscreen. Next, use a cleaner on a wipe. Each manufacturer’s phones can handle different cleaning products, so simply consult your phone manufacturer’s website for tips.

Many people prefer using portable health gadgets that give them a sense of security.

The following are some of the devices that are currently proving the most popular in keeping people feeling healthy and in disinfecting their electronics.

  • Portable Ultraviolet Sterilizer Wand – This disinfection lamp uses UV light to kill off bacteria, mites, and germs. It works on phones, computer mice, keyboards and even other items like toothbrushes, toys and bathroom fixtures.

UV Sterilizer Wand

  • LARQ Bottle – Purify your water in 30 seconds with this high-tech water bottle. It is the first ever self-cleaning water bottle and features mercury-free, non-toxic UV-C LED technology. This offers water purification while cleaning the inner surfaces of the bottle. Odor-causing bacteria and viruses are eliminated in half a minute.

LARQ Bottle

  • Omron Gold Blood Pressure Monitor – While you’re self-isolating, your non-urgent doctor’s appointments will all have been cancelled. Moreover, it’s not the best idea to head to the pharmacy to use public devices if you don’t have to. Therefore, accurate portable health gadgets like this blood pressure monitor help you to keep track of other medical concerns to be sure you’re staying well, and you will have the information you need if you phone a doctor for advice.

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