Pitney Bowes launches new QR code management system to help companies adopt the technology

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Pitney Bowes, a software and hardware manufacturer based in Connecticut, has launched a new QR code management system. As the popularity of QR codes grows, more companies are beginning to look for ways to incorporate the codes into their businesses and marketing efforts. While the codes are not overly complicated themselves, there are some serious pitfalls that could interfere with their use that many companies simply are not aware of. Pitney Bowes aims to make the use of QR codes a bit more intuitive with their management system while helping companies overcome the technology barriers they may be facing.

The system is web-based software called pbSmart Codes. Companies can use the platform to create a series of QR codes and print these codes on various materials, including yard signs and posters. Pitney Bowes will then ship the finished product to the client. The system includes an analytics suite which will help companies keep track of their QR codes and see how well they are performing in a given market.

QR codes are continuing to grow in the world of marketing and are attracting the interest of an expanding number of mobile consumers. Pitney Bowes’ management system is aimed at helping companies adopt the latest mobile marketing trend and take advantage of its rampant success. Pitney Bowes is offering a free trial of the service through the platform’s website.

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