Pioneer shows off augmented reality device for cars

Augmented Reality windshields in cars

Augmented Reality windshields in cars

Augmented reality gaining traction in auto industry

Pioneer, a Japanese maker of automotive navigation systems, was in attendance at the CEATEC 2012 event in Japan where it showcased its use of augmented reality in a heads up display for a car. The company has extensive experience in the realm of augmented reality and vehicles and believes that the technology could unlock a new generation of navigation devices for the auto industry. Automakers too have shown interest in augmented reality, adding momentum to Pioneer’s efforts.

Pioneer device provides drivers with digital information

During the event, Pioneer showed off its new augmented reality device, which was affixed to a fake Audi R8 dashboard. The device provides a wealth of information to a driver, such as the current rate of speed and navigational information. The device, in its current form, operates in the same way a GPS application does for smart phones. The major difference, however, is that the device superimposes digital imagery over the real world environment, providing a driver with context for the information they are seeing.

Technology continues to play a larger role in auto industry

Augmented reality is gaining traction in the auto industry. Some of the world’s largest automakers have shown an interest in the technology and how it can be used to make driving safer and keep passengers entertained on long trips. Some automakers, such as Toyota, have used the technology as a form of marketing, while others have developed full-fledged applications that are meant to provide drivers with high-tech services.

Pioneer continues to work on augmented reality device

Pioneer has been working to develop its augmented reality device for some time. The company believes that augmented reality and other interactive technologies will play a significant role in the future of the auto industry. Currently, the technology resides within the realm of novelty. If companies can find a practical way to use augmented reality without creating a burden for drivers, the technology may be a welcome addition to future vehicles.

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