Permanent labels featuring QR codes becoming more popular amongst businesses

QR code Stickers

QR code Stickers
As consumer continue to grow more aware of QR codes, some retailers are looking to use the codes on permanent labels for branding purposes. Permanent labels are a staple for retailers and are a good way to reinforce an emerging brand. QR codes can work well with permanent labels as the information embedded in the codes can be changed without having to alter the code itself. This allows companies to narrow their focus on a small number of codes while gaining all the benefits they have to offer.

Nameplates for Industry, Inc., a Massachusetts-based labeling company, has launched a new service that allows businesses to create permanent labels affixed with QR codes. The company offers a wide variety of creative services which can be used to make the codes more appealing to the eyes of consumers. There is a limit to the design of codes, however, as too much creativity can render a code dysfunctional. The company can create labels that will adhere to a large number of surfaces, as well as codes that are fully integrated with products themselves.

There can be no doubt that QR codes are becoming an industry standard in the markting business, but the codes can be for much more than simple advertising. As more consumers get their hands on smart phones, permanent labels that feature QR codes could become more popular. Nameplates for Industry believes that the codes are on the verge of a major boom in popularity amongst consumers.

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