Perceptual Computing unveiled by Intel

Scene from Minority Report the Movie - Perceptual Computing concept

Scene from Minority Report the Movie - Perceptual Computing concept

Intel reveals Perceptual Computing during IDF event

Intel recently held the 2012 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, California, where the company introduced a new concept it is calling Perceptual Computing. According to Intel, Perceptual Computing refers to a new generation of human-computing interactions. The concept is characterized in technologies, such as mobile devices, sensing and perceiving user actions and responding to these actions accordingly. Intel notes that Perceptual Computing relies heavily on augmented reality technology, which has long shown its ability to respond to user interaction.

New SDK will give developers access to innovative features for their software

At the 2012 IDF event, Intel revealed the Perceptual Computing SDK. This is a development kit for those interested in incorporating Perceptual Computing concepts into new applications and other software. Using the SDK, developers will be able to incorporate features such as motion tracking, speech recognition, facial recognition, and create augmented reality experiences. The SDK is currently in its beta phase of testing and Intel has determined that the latest version is ready for developers to get hands-on experience.

Augmented reality continues to grow in prominence in computing

Augmented reality is beginning to play a larger, more important role in the computing world. The technology allows for the creation of interactive digital experiences. These experiences have, thus far, been well received by consumers. As such, augmented reality has seen a great deal of use in entertainment, gaming, and advertising. Intel believes that augmented reality is part of a new era of computing that will change the way people see and interact the world around them.

Perceptual Computing SDK to be available in October

Intel has plans to release the beta Perceptual Computing SDK in October of this year. Depending on the feedback provided by developers using the SDK, the company has plans to release the production version of the SDK in the first quarter of 2013. Developers have shown a great deal of interest in the SDK because of its use of augmented reality and the possibility of it bringing innovative features to applications.

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