PayPal mobile payments roll out at Shell UK gas stations

Paypal mobile payments

Drivers will now be able to use their smartphones to pay when they fuel up at the pump.

Drivers stopping at Shell UK service stations to fuel up will now be able to use mobile payments at the pump using their PayPal account in combination with the Shell Motorist app.

Earlier this year, Shell said it would implement the service at the “vast majority” of its locations.

In that statement, it said that the mobile payments service would roll out across most of its 1,000 stations throughout the United Kingdom. The company explained that “When you next want to fill up at a Shell station, simply drive into the forecourt and stop at your selected pump.” The report explained that it would be easy for drivers to be able to use the app to pay for their gas, as they can do it from inside the car, needing only to scan QR codes.

The driver will be able to choose how much they want to spend with this mobile payments service.

Paypal mobile paymentsThe first step is for the driver to tap the “Fill Up & Go” option in the app. Once the service begins, the user can then select the maximum amount that they want to spend, ranging from £20 to £150. The pump’s unique QR code is scanned with the smartphone, through the use of the app. This will activate the pump so that the driver can get out and fill up.

This method of paying for gas via mobile device also makes it possible to leave the smartphone in the car as an added safety measure. If the maximum spending limit that was selected for the pump is reached, it is programmed to stop dispensing fuel automatically. When the driver is done refueling, the nozzle is returned and the driver can return to his or her vehicle.

The mobile payments app will prompt the driver to confirm the total of the purchase, and a receipt will be emailed to the driver so that he or she can keep it in his or her records. After that, the driver can continue on with the day.

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