PayPal launches new SDK to help Singapore businesses accept mobile payments

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technology

New SDK from PayPal is launched in Singapore

PayPal has launched a new mobile software development kit (SDK) for businesses and developers. The SDK is currently only available in Singapore, but PayPal may opt to increase its availability in the coming year, depending on its popularity. A growing number of businesses are beginning to work to engage mobile consumers. In order to do so effectively, they need tools that can help them provide valuable, mobile-centric services, especially those that facilitate mobile commerce.

SDK will help Singapore businesses break into the mobile commerce space

The new SDK aims to allow Singapore businesses to get involved in mobile payments. According to PayPal, two in three Singaporeans have made a digital transaction from a mobile device. The demand for mobile payment solutions among consumers is on the rise, and businesses that continue to avoid the mobile space are becoming increasingly exposed to the risk of obsolescence. With the new SDK, businesses will have a tool they can used to break into the mobile commerce field.


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The way people shop online is beginning to change

Paypal Mobile Payments wearable technologyPayPal notes that mobile traffic is beginning to change. In the past, consumers had favored mobile apps when shopping online. These apps are typically developed by a third party for a retailer, but can be used on various platforms. Consumers are beginning to favor native apps, which are developed for a specific platform. PayPal has found that small and medium-sized enterprises are leading this shift in mobile traffic.

Mobile payments may account for 3/4 of all e-commerce activity in Singapore in the near future

The new SDK will allow businesses to develop apps for their platform of choice. These apps will be able to process payments through PayPal without directing users to a third party site. Apps can also be made to store a person’s information, removing the need for customers to repeatedly fill in forms when making a purchase. PayPal anticipates that its new SDK will lead to a greater degree of mobile commerce activity among retailers in Singapore, where mobile payments may account for 3/4 of the e-commerce market in the coming years.

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