PayPal launches new mobile payments app for Pebble

Pebble Steel Smartwatch mobile payments

PayPal has brought its mobile commerce application to the Pebble wearable device

PayPal has announced the launch of a new mobile payments application designed specifically for the Pebble smartwatch. The app will allow Pebble users to pay for products at retail stores that support mobile commerce. The Pebble device was released in 2013 and more than 400,000 of these devices have been sold as of March 2014. The smartwatch is fairly simple, acting as a device that can receive text messages, emails, alert of incoming calls, and provide notifications from social media sites.

Wearable technology may have a role to play in the mobile commerce space

Wearable technology is beginning to gain more traction in the mobile commerce space. A growing number of companies that have an interest in digital payments are beginning to see smartwatches as ideal platforms for such. Wearable devices have yet to find mainstream acceptance among consumers, but the demand for devices that can function as payment platforms is growing slowly. PayPal believes that wearable technology will play a major role in the mobile commerce space in the future.

Application aims to introduce some automation to the payments process

Pebble Steel Smartwatch mobile paymentsThe new app is designed to allow people to make payments without having to reach into their pockets for a mobile device. The application generates a payment code when it is used, which can be used by any business that accepts PayPal to authenticate a payment. Users will have to check into the location through the app before they can make a payment. After checking in, the application will automatically interface with the store’s point-of-sale system, introducing some convenience to the checkout process.

PayPal app is available across many wearable platforms, including Android Wear and the Samsung Galaxy Gear S

Pebble is not the only wearable device that PayPal is supporting, simply the latest. PayPal has payment applications available on Android Wear devices as well as those developed by Samsung. PayPal may eventually offer its payment services through the forthcoming Apple Watch as well. The new wearable device from Apple is not expected to be launched for several months, however.

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