PayPal contactless QR code payments feature allows in-person touchless transactions

Contactless QR code payments - PayPal app

A new in-app feature makes it possible for quick response barcodes to facilitate purchases.

PayPal is rolling out contactless QR code payments that use barcode scans to complete transactions for easy buying and selling.

This will allow transactions to be completed in person but without making physical contact.

The contactless QR code payments will be rolling out in the official PayPal app for safe and secure in-person transactions. It is rolling out in 28 markets around the world. Moreover, for a limited time, PayPal is waiving the transaction fees typically charged to sellers on their sales. This is meant to encourage sellers to give the quick response barcodes a try.

“We know that in the current environment, buying and selling goods in a health-conscious, safe and secure way is front of mind for many people around the world. As the coronavirus situation has evolved, we have seen a surge in demand for digital payments to transition to include new in-person environments and situations,” said PayPal senior vice president of branded experiences, John Kunze.

The contactless QR code payments are meant to bring together personal safety with convenience.

Kunze explained that the use of the quick response codes to complete in-person transactions allows people to maintain physical distancing efforts while still conveniently and securely paying for purchases. He added that even as restrictions are lifted around the world, these types of touch-free payment capabilities will make it easier for buyers and sellers to maintain their physical distance from each other. Moreover, buyers can pay for their purchases without having to come in contact with the same transaction processor as previous shoppers.

This new functionality is geared toward small businesses, explained PayPal senior director Lisa Scott. It gives small businesses the opportunity to use technology to safely keep their doors open without having to add any more health risk or inconvenience to the experience at the checkout counter.

Using the contactless QR code payments through the official PayPal app allows the user to pay using Contactless QR code payments - PayPal apptheir mobile wallet without the need to handle cash or complete a credit card or debit card transaction with a machine that must be touched.

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