PayPal and eBay promote mobile commerce to US government

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US government showing more interest in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has been growing quite popular among consumers, but it may soon establish a strong following within the U.S. government. Commerce titan eBay has deployed its government relations teams, as well as that from PayPal, in order to engage federal and state lawmakers in Atlanta. The state is host to the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Legislative Summit, a gathering of lawmakers throughout the country. Here, eBay has exposed these legislative officials the benefits of mobile commerce and e-commerce technologies.

Consumers are becoming more enamored with mobile payments

Consumers have shown favor for mobile commerce because of its convenient nature. Using a smartphone or tablet, consumers can make quick and simple purchases and, in some cases, can even pay bills electronically from their devices. While mobile commerce still has some way to go before it becomes widely accepted among consumers. eBay, along with other companies involved in the mobile commerce scene, believes that the time is right for the federal government to begin embracing mobile payments.

Mobile CommercePayPal shows off mobile payment services

During the Legislative Summit, eBay and PayPal showcased how useful mobile commerce platforms could be for government initiatives, such as fundraisers and general payment processing. The two companies were able to provide legislators with detailed examples of how useful mobile commerce platforms can be. eBay suggests that many lawmakers expressed enthusiasm when it comes to these platforms, with some praising the convenience of mobile payments.

PayPal continues to hold strong position in mobile commerce sector

PayPal currently boasts of a commanding presence in the mobile commerce field. The company boasts of more than $20 billion in mobile transactions every year and the mobile commerce services it offers to consumers and merchants alike continue to grow in popularity. Mobile payments are becoming more popular and eBay and PayPal are eager to ensure that the federal government does not miss the opportunity to keep up with the changing environment of commerce throughout the country.

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