OverstockArt.com reports record breaking Black Friday sales thanks to mobile


OverstockArt.com, has announced the result of its Black Friday online sales – including those purchases made via mobile device – which broke all of its previous one-day records.

This year, the popular online gallery’s sales from the Thanksgiving weekend were 74 percent higher than they were in 2010. Moreover, the sales in the month of November also beat out the month-to-month figures for 2010 by over 25 percent. November 2011 has managed to break the previous overstockArt.com record for best sales month, which had been December of last year.

OverstockArt.com founder and CEO, David Sasson said that the company is very happy with the significant figures they have experienced now that this year’s holiday season has begun. He added that “This is an astounding increase in sales for an e-commerce retailer of any kind.”

That said, one notable contributor to the jump in holiday sales for the company was the launch of its new mobile strategy which began in 2011. This strategy included the August release of its mobile website. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the mobile sales increased by 1000 percent when compared to the same shopping period last year, and the traffic to the mobile site doubled in that time.

Sasson stated that while only 10 percent of their online sales come from mobile channels, those device users represent approximately 20 percent of the total visits to the site. He acknowledges that mobile has yet to become a mature shopping avenue, he also said that it is continually improving and that he believes that it will become the preferred shopping method in the future.

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