Over half of Americans who have tried contactless payment will use it again

Contactless payment - mobile payments

New Amex research shows 58 percent of people who tried this type of transaction are more likely to use it.

Americans who have tried contactless payment because of the COVID-19 pandemic are more likely to use it again, said results from a new Amex survey.

Online and mobile ordering for delivery and pickup options are also more appealing to consumers.

Contactless payment and online and mobile delivery and pickup options are becoming increasingly popular options. Moreover, consumers who tried them for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic are more likely to continue to use them. This could change the way more Americans pay for their purchases in the future. New American Express data is now predicting a surge in the use of contact-free transactions in-store, online, and in app-based purchases.

The Amex survey showed that 58 percent of shoppers who had tried using this type of transaction method are now more likely than ever to use it again. This data was published in the company’s 2020 American Express Digital Payments survey.

The research shows that contactless payments have risen in appeal in very recent months.

The conclusion from the survey was that consumers have been seeing touch-free transactions differently over the last eight months. However, as the majority of the United States is sheltering in place, the desire to use contact-free methods for public health reasons is rising. Mobile wallets have also suddenly become much more popular than they had been.

“This survey tells us that U.S. consumers view contactless as faster, safer and more convenient than other forms of payments, which is becoming especially important as people are avoiding contact and are considering how to resume in-store purchasing,” said American Express vice president of Payments Consulting Group, J.J. Kieley.

The report showed that consumers were 16 percent more likely to use an app-based transaction or online payments for curbside pickup of purchases. Moreover, they were only 7 percent more likely to pay by phone to pick up what they had bought.

Contactless payment - mobile paymentsWhat will be interesting to see is how many people will continue to use contactless payments moving forward once they have built the habit and see the advantages for themselves.

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