OTI receives certification from mobile commerce venture

Isis mobile commerce wallet

Mobile commerce firm Isis awards certification to OTI

On Track Innovations (OTI), a developer of mobile payments services, has announced that it has received certification from Isis, a prominent mobile commerce platform. This certification provides OTI’s NFC-based services with more momentum and validation. NFC technology currently makes up the backbone of mobile commerce and the demand for comprehensive and efficient NFC-based services has been growing significantly in recent years. The certification is expected to make OTI’s line of Saturn NFC-enabled sales terminals and associated software somewhat more attractive.

Isis launches nationwide

Isis was recently launched throughout the U.S. after a somewhat lengthy trial period in two states. The mobile commerce venture is a collaboration among AT&%, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. The platform has managed to attract a significant amount of attention, as it represents one of the most competitive mobile commerce platforms that has entered into the market. Currently, the only other platforms that have the same level of backing that Isis has are Square and Google Wallet.

Isis seeks to avoid industry challenges

Isis mobile commerce walletCertification from Isis represents the mobile commerce platform‘s faith in a company’s technology. Isis has been quite cautious with its approach to the mobile market over the past few years and the platform has been keen to avoid some of the pitfalls that its competitors have succumb to in the past. Notably, NFC technology has begun losing some steam in the mobile commerce field, which may present a problem for Isis and other companies that have been investing in the technology quite heavily.

Alternatives to NFC gaining more attention

NFC-based mobile commerce platforms can only be accessed by NFC-enabled mobile devices. These devices are still rare among consumers, though demand for these devices has been growing rapidly over the past year. More NFC-enabled devices are expected to be launched over the next few years, but some mobile commerce firms are beginning to focus on an alternative to NFC in order to make their mobile platforms more accessible to consumers around the world.

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