Online presence with social networking a must for all business models

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

In today’s technology driven world it makes sense that businesses would choose to have an internet website. In the past three or four years, companies have been expanding out to social networking sites and things like search engine optimization also. More and more businesses are adapting and blending into an all-inclusive marketing model online.

Ten years ago no one would have imagined this type of growth; now, we’ve seen what the power of technology and information can do. The new generation is all about social networking, being mobile and getting things done. The Smartphone market has all ready exploded, and in two or three more years it will be everywhere.

One business education coordinator from University of Wisconsin commented that there were three categories of businesses that create websites.

  • The typical small business owner, who isn’t online yet, but is looking into creating an online presence for their business, they have a small budget, usually no more than 500 dollars, and will do most of the work themselves using available online tools.  
  • The next business is one that has a larger budget to spend; up to 2,500 dollars. They will have someone develop a website for them, usually from a template development. It will be a higher quality design, but not custom. They’ll have it built in an easy to manage form, so they can administrate it themselves.  
  • The last type has a much larger budget and will go for the custom designed site. This may cost up to 20 thousand dollars; and have e-mail and social networking campaigns, specific optimization and developed content.

Other than very small “mom and pop” type businesses, it is an absolute for companies to have an online or social presence to stay competitive and get their name out there. Businesses should also take advantage of the social networking sites to reach their consumers.

If your target customers use social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Skype) then it would benefit your business to be on Facebook. The internet is also an invaluable marketing tool, with hundreds of free resources.

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