O2 to be sole owner of mobile commerce service Weve

United Kingdom mobile commerce

Weve will be completely owned by O2 after company buys out other partners

O2, a telecommunication service provider in the United Kingdom, is set to become the sole owner of Weve, an operator-owned mobile commerce firm in the UK. Weve was established by three large telecommunications companies, of which O2 was included. The concept behind the platform was to create a pool of consumer data that would be attractive to advertisers while also giving consumers a way to make mobile payments in a convenient fashion.

Weve will have access to the massive consumer base available through O2

Weve will become the wholly owned subsidiary of O2 once the deal is finalized, with O2 buying out the shares of both Vodafone and EE. Once the deal is finalized, O2 will provide Weve with access to its contract users, which includes some 14 million WiFi users and 6 million of the company’s Priority Moments customers. This may increase the reach of Weve considerably. Though the company is already considered the largest mobile marketing and mobile commerce services in the UK, there is still room to grow in this market.

Mobile commerce is gaining more traction in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom mobile commerceMobile commerce is becoming more popular in the United Kingdom. Many consumers are beginning to favor shopping from their mobile devices. Tablets, in particular, have become quote popular mobile shopping platforms among consumers. Mobile commerce services are becoming more common in the United Kingdom, giving consumers the opportunity to participate in mobile shopping through a variety of different platforms.

Weve may eventually reintroduce a mobile payments and digital wallet service

Weve had offered mobile payments and a digital wallet service, but this was dropped last year. This was due to the fact that partners were unable to agree on how to approach the mobile commerce space. With O2 as the sole owner of Weve, however, new mobile commerce initiatives may be introduced in the future. O2 will not have to compete with other partners in order to launch a mobile-centric service through Weve.

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