Number of Twitter users once again on the rise

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This year’s first quarter is treating the social media platform well, as it is making money, too.

Twitter users are growing in numbers once again, giving the social network a strong start to 2018. The company managed to turn a profit for the second time since its inception.

That said, it’s the user number growth that is drawing the most attention from a business perspective.

The Q1 2018 earnings were recently reported, showing that those new Twitter users may keep up the profits. In fact, Twitter predicts that it will continue to be profitable for the rest of this year. This would represents a considerable change in the social network’s trends. Since the company went public four years ago, it has consistently faced losses.

Last year represented the first time the social media company had ever seen a profitable quarter. In the most recent quarter, Twitter reported having boosted its new user numbers by 6 million. Since 2015, there have been only two other occasions in which it has experience greater user growth.

Until the last quarter, previous quarters have added only 3 million or fewer new monthly Twitter users.

The main Twitter user growth trends are from international sources. Of the new monthly users, only 1 million per month are from the United States. In fact, reports show that the number of monthly users in the U.S. have stayed pretty much the same for at least a year.

Though Twitter’s growth overall is not all that dramatic, these recent figures indicate that some of the changes the micro-blogging platform has made may be working. Twitter’s year over year growth rate is still only around 3 percent. That said, the numbers indicate that people are returning following the company’s platform changes.

Twitter users have watched the company face a range of challenges in recent years. They include massive harassment issues, slow active user growth, and problems bringing in revenue. Moreover, new users are perpetually baffled with how to actually use the network. The company has slowly and gradually adjusted its product. While some components have been popular, some other major investments, such as Twitter video, have barely been noticed by its users.

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