Northwest Mailing Service adopts QR codes and Microsoft Tags

QR Codes mobile commerce used by mail service

Tags and QR codes keep track of the mail.

QR Codes used by mail service

The Northwest Mailing Service, a direct mail company based in Chicago, Illinois, has announced that it will be introducing QR codes and Microsoft Tags to its services. The company decided to adopt the mobile technologies after examining the response clients had regarding QR codes. Northwest believes that the codes could play a significant role in influencing the purchasing behavior of consumers and will be using the codes to help clients connect with a wider audience. The codes will begin appearing on packaging this month for clients that are interested in the new service.

QR codes have become very popular amongst businesses because they are very proficient in distributing information to consumers. The codes can also be used to collect valuable analytic data from those that scan them. The codes that Northwest Mailing Service will use will be linked to information concerning a particular company. The codes will also include a “track back” feature, which will allow businesses more opportunity to engage consumers by opening up additional marketing potential.

Microsoft Tags are relatively new in mobile marketing. The Tags were created by Microsoft as the demand for mobile marketing grew. They were designed to be a more visually pleasing alternative to QR codes, but have not been able to dethrone the black and white barcodes from their seat of favor amongst advertisers. The Northwest Mailing Service decided to adopt the Tags to provide clients with more options for their mobile marketing ventures. The company believes that the Tags will be relatively successful for a niche market if they gain a decent amount of exposure.

The mobile marketing initiative from the Northwest Mailing Service is spurred by a recent announcement from the United States Postal Service concerning its popular mobile barcode campaign, which was launched last year. The campaign lasted a few months and offered a discount on mailing prices for packages that included QR codes or other types of barcode. Northwest believes that the return of this campaign will draw in more business, and the company has begun preparing to serve potential clients that are looking to make use of QR codes and Microsoft Tags.

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