Nokia unveils new augmented reality application called City Lens

Nokia City Lens Augmented Reality

Nokia City Lens Augmented Reality

New augmented reality app available for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia has launched a new mobile augmented reality application for its Windows Phone-based Lumia 710, 800, and 900. The company has developed the application to meet specific needs of consumers based on feedback that was provided to the Nokia Beta Labs. Augmented reality is quickly becoming a prominent part of the mobile technology world. Consumers have been exposed to augmented reality applications with more frequency recently and have shown a great deal of interest in the technology. This interest has encouraged companies like Nokia to develop their own applications to meet the demand coming from consumers.

City Lens provides information on local venues

The app is called City Lens and Lumia users can find it through Nokia Beta Labs. The application uses the smart phone’s camera to display information concerning local stores, restaurants, and other venues. These locations are typically close by, allowing users to make their way there in short order. City Lens provides this information to users as a digital display on the Lumia’s screen. These displays are interactive, allowing consumers to customize the information that is made available to them.

Customers encouraged to share their experiences with the City Lens app

Nokia customers that are using the augmented reality application are being encouraged to submit feedback on the app to the company. This feedback will be used to refine the application and its features, making them more fluid and intuitive for consumers to use. Regular updates are expected to be released for the City Lens app in order to address any problems there may be with performance and the software’s features.

Demand for augmented reality on the rise

Augmented reality has become a staple in the world of mobile technology. The demand for the technology is growing as more consumers get their hands on mobile devices that are capable of running augmented reality software. Nokia expects that the demand for the technology will continue to increase, giving companies an opportunity to provide consumers with a new experience. Augmented reality has already established itself as a powerful tool in marketing and entertainment.

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