Nokia announced new augmented reality browser

Nokia Main Headquarters

Nokia Building in Finland
As augmented reality technology becomes more popular, more tech companies are investing into AR browsers – programs akin to web browsers but used for the real world. Nokia has unveiled plans for their rendition of this technology, called Nokia Live View. The browser is being developed by Nokia Beta Labs and will be available for Symbian^5 mobile devices. It will be an add-on to Nokia’s popular Ovi Maps application, which is very similar to Google Maps.
The browser integrates with the Ovi Maps platform, allowing users to navigate their environment with a virtual heads up display. They will be able to interact with certain elements in the browser that will let them find more information about an establishment or, for example, view scheduled events at a local theatre.

AR browsing has been growing in popularity steadily, keeping up with the progress of mobile technology. As smart phones become more complex, the capacities of augmented reality follow suit, allowing for more immersive and intricate experiences. Several companies have already developed such browsing software, such as Layar and Wikitude.

Nokia Live View is currently in the beta phase of testing. This testing phase is open to the public and Nokia is inviting owners of Nokia smart phones. The company warns that the program is somewhat unstable and its compatibility with several other Nokia programs is questionable.

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