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Social media intelligence firm NM Incite has taken an interest in QR codes. Though QR codes are nothing new, having been developed more than a decade ago, they have only recently been getting more attention from marketers. This attention shot QR codes into the limelight, and consumers around the world have been encouraged to make use of the codes in some way. Because the codes are so easy to use, they have a wide appeal to several industries. The codes have become very popular with businesses, but NM Incite claims that consumers are still divided on the usefulness of the codes.

The firm conducted a study of various social media platforms, tracking discussions of QR codes over the past two years. The firm found that discussion of the codes rose as they grew in popularity. People began talking more about where they saw codes and how they were being used. They also took to complaining about codes that were poorly executed. NM Incite found that online conversation regarding the codes rose by 0.012% between July 2010 and March 2012. While this may seem like a small increase, it is actually quite large considering the time frame and the subject of discussion.

More people may be talking about QR codes, but that does not mean more people are accepting them. NM Incite’s study found that 11% of consumers discussing the codes found them useful. Another 11% said that they were entirely pointless. The vast majority of consumers – 78% — are neutral on the issue, however, as they have little to no interest in this type of mobile technology.

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