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NFC technology users get free Guinness beer

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Pubs in the U.K. have been taking part in the world’s leading stout’s mobile marketing campaign.

The top stout in the country, Guinness, has launched a new mobile marketing campaign that is based on NFC technology that is allowing the pumps in pubs to provide customers with an interactive experience.

The taps from thousands of different pubs have already had this technology implemented.

In fact, according to the latest data on this NFC technology marketing campaign, it has already been installed in 11,500 pub taps across the United Kingdom, as well as an additional 3,000 of them in Ireland. This massive campaign is unique and could help to expand the use of the tech in the country as well as around the world, based on its success.

Guinness NFC technology mobile marketingThe first outlets to trial the use of the NFC technology campaign in the United Kingdom is Stonegate Pub Group.

That company is running the NFC technology in 20 of its outlets until the end of this month. Though this is far from the first time that mobile marketing has been used by a brewery or by pubs – in fact, QR codes have already been used on the taps themselves – this is the first time that it has been applied in this way through near field communication.

These outlets will allow consumers with NFC technology enabled devices to expand the traditional experience by tapping those smartphones against the harp logo of the brand on any of the Guinness tap founts that have the “magic behind the gates” installed. This quick action gives them the ability to check to see if they have won a free pint of the stout.

According to the Guinness Western Europe marketing manager at Diageo, Nick Britton, “The new NFC activity shows how we have implemented the latest technology in our founts to keep our audience engaged, whilst rewarding them with offers, vouchers, competitions and content.” Britton’s company owns the brand, itself.

In order to power this NFC technology campaign, Guinness is using the TapPoint platform from Proxima. That firm has stated that Guinness is the first brand of beverages to apply the tech in this manner.

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