NFC technology marketing and payments in China to favor VeriFone

verifone nfc technology

verifone nfc technologyTwo companies in China have selected the platform to allow them to enable their merchant clients.

China Mobile and the Bank of China have announced that they will be using the Paymedia Mobile Marketing Platform from VeriFone in order to enable their brands, merchants, and other third parties in order to deploy specific campaigns for NFC technology based mobile wallet services within the city of Shen Yang.

This latest mobile commerce news was just recently announced by VeriFone.

The Chinese bank and carrier have introduced services that include payments using NFC technology, as well as a mobile marketing service based on near field communication, all within that city. This agreement will also include the participation of Shen Yang Bodatong E-Commerce Co.

They intend to equip thousands of different businesses with the VeriFone NFC technology system.

This will allow those merchants to be able to accept coupon redemption and payments from NFC technology enabled points of sale. At the same time, Bank of China and China Mobile will be issuing 50,000 SIM cards to their account holders before the end of the year, and will be pushing the marketing for the tap and pay service. This will occur both at the customer support centers as well as through the various branches of the bank.

Though this will start in Shen Yang, the solution may later expand based on its success and usage. At the moment, that city will be using the VeriFone Paymedia Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP) in combination with its Universal Acceptance Platform (UAP) in order to let merchant customers implement highly focused advertising campaigns to the users of the NFC technology based mobile wallets.

The UAP allows mobile wallet providers and network operators to download apps for accepting wallets directly into the point of sale systems of the participating merchants. Those companies are then capable of connecting with those applications by way of the cloud based gateway at VeriFone.

On the other hand, the MMP provides the ability for consumers to then receive the promotions, offers, and mobile coupons, which they can then redeem at any of the NFC technology enabled points of sale.

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