NFC technology in need of rebranding, according to Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom

NFC technology continues to grab attention from companies and consumers around the world

Mobile commerce has managed to gain a great deal of momentum in the relatively short time it has existed. The concept of mobile commerce has transcended into its own full-fledged industry, drawing the attention of large companies like Google, Apple, and others. The development of the industry has relied heavily of NFC technology, which can turn nearly any smart phone into a mobile payment platform. The technology itself has been a subject of interest among telecommunications companies, but some believe the way that NFC is viewed is too restrictive.

Deutsche Telekom looks to re-imagine NFC

Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies, has adopted an expansive view of NFC technology. The company believes that NFC should be viewed as a “lifestyle” choice, rather than a simple way to make commerce more streamlined. NFC technology has proven popular with both large companies and consumers, but its uses in mobile commerce have not managed to mimic the enthusiasm NFC receives as a concept. Concerns over security and efficiency have kept consumers away from the limited number of mobile payment platforms and NFC-enabled mobile devices that are currently available. To address this issue, Deutsche Telekom believes that the ideology behind NFC must change.

Company suggests making NFC technology less burdensome for consumers

The company suggests that the mobile technology industry renew its efforts to enable NFC to bring real value to consumers. Peter Vesco, senior vice present of payments for Deutsche Telekom, believes that consumers should not be burdened with concerns over the security of their financial information when they make a mobile transaction. Instead, mobile payments should be made an almost second nature to tech-savvy consumers who have a need for the much hyped efficiency of NFC technology.

Technology remains popular, but may not be able to maintain momentum into the future

Deutsche Telekom believes that NFC has enough momentum to win a place with consumers as it exists currently. In order to maintain this favorable position, however, NFC technology must become more than what it is. The company has several ideas concerning what can be done to improve the state of NFC technology, many of which were shared during the Open Mobile Summit in London, this week.

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