NFC technology expected to have major impact in mobile marketing

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Advertisers continue to experiment with interactive technology

The advertising industry has long been on the cutting edge of consumer engagement. The industry has been keenly attuned to the development of interactive technologies that would allow them to reach out to consumers more effectively. In the past, several of these technologies have produced modest results. Advertisers found a great deal of success in the advent of QR codes, which successfully exposed a wider demographic of consumers to the concept of mobile marketing. Now, NFC technology may be poised to change the way mobile marketing works.

Analysis suggests NFC technology will explode in the mobile marketing industry

Analysis from Marketing Strategies for Businesses, an Internet-based resource for online and offline businesses, suggests that NFC technology could play a major role in the realm of mobile marketing in the near future. Marketers are beginning to show more proficiency in the use of interactive technologies in reaching out to consumers. Analysts suggest that the continued growth of the mobile commerce industry, which is heavily reliant on NFC technology, will add momentum to the expanding use of the technology in the marketing industry.

NFC tags could become a powerful marketing tool

As mobile commerce grows, so too does the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. As these devices become more widely available, marketers will be able to leverage them to catch the attention of consumers. NFC tags, like QR codes, are expected to be a powerful tool in this endeavor. Consumers will be able to interact with these tags by simply waving their mobile device at them. These tags could provide consumers with a wealth of information concerning products and promotions.

Mobile marketing strategies beginning to show an impact on consumers

Mobile marketing is becoming a powerful force amongst consumers. Mobile devices have enabled consumers to move beyond their home computers and venture out into the world without having to sacrifice their connectivity to the Internet. This has made them an ideal target for interactive marketing campaigns that make use of technologies such as NFC and augmented reality.

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