NFC technology expanding beyond mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Forrester Research predicts the possible future of NFC technology

NFC technology has grown in popularity primarily due to its uses in mobile commerce. Though the technology has proven itself to be exceeding proficient in facilitating mobile payments, NFC can be used for more than this purpose. A new report from Forrester Research, a market research firm, provides some insight on the potential uses for NFC technology that extend beyond mobile commerce. The report predicts that NFC technology will play a role in government, marketing, and data transfer, as well as several other applications.

Report highlights the use of NFC in enterprise and government

The report, titled “NFC: What Lies Beyond Contactless Payments,” suggests that NFC technology could begin playing a larger role in enterprise in the near future. Several organizations in various industries are currently testing the technology for its uses in access cards and other forms of identification. Some companies have expressed interest in using NFC technology as a way to keep track of employees. The report also notes that governments can use the technology in a similar fashion, but that it has most widely been used in this sector in terms of public transportation.

Mobile marketing and shopping expected to see more NFC services

Forrester Research expects NFC technology to continue playing a large role in mobile marketing. The technology has proven capable of connecting consumers and companies in a dynamic fashion, enabling more engaging marketing campaigns to be formed. The technology is also likely to begin playing a bigger role in mobile shopping. In this sector, NFC could be used to provide consumers with information concerning the products they are interested in. NFC can also be used to issue coupons to consumers, allowing them to enjoy discounts on their favorite products.

NFC technology expected to gain momentum outside of mobile commerce

Overall, Forrester Research expects the uses of NFC technology to become more expansive as the technology breaks away from mobile payments. NFC has come under fire in the mobile commerce industry because of its potential security faults. This may serve to benefit the other uses of the technology as more attention is being directed to other applications.

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