NFC technology enabled Dimple buttons enhance Android phones

NFC technology Android NFC technology buttons
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This small mobile device uses near field communication to make these smartphones easier to use.

One of the latest mobile gadgets to aim for the smartphone market now includes the Dimple, which is an NFC technology based device that is meant to give Android phones the physical buttons that many people miss from older device models.

This attachment is currently in development and is working on crowdfunding in order to make it a reality.

The NFC technology using attachment operates on the 4.0 version or higher of that operating system. It is essentially a sticker that allows physical buttons to be added to the back of a mobile device. They are user configurable, which means that the smartphone user will be able to choose what the buttons actually do. The stickers are currently in development and there is an Indegogo campaign underway to help to make sure that these Dimple devices will get off the ground.

At the time that this article was written, this NFC technology device had already reached its goal.

In fact, the total amount of money raised in the crowdfunding campaign was well over $10,000 more than the goal of $43,000. It caters to a growing number of device users who like sleek devices that feature displays that go edge-to-edge, but who also miss the physical buttons that were considerably easier to use than many touchscreen options.


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Certain tasks, such as taking a picture with the device camera, turning up or down the volume, or even turning on the flashlight app for the smartphone are all made considerably easier when they can be instantly access with the single press of a physical button. Dimple allows people to enjoy not only an edge-to-edge touchscreen device, but also a few physical buttons for those regularly used tasks that can be made much more convenient.

The stickers are waterproof and use NFC technology to work (which means that they will function only on enabled devices). They come in two possible versions – two buttons or four buttons – and each of those versions have three different color options from which to choose.

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